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Sample VigilantTM Meter


Show your savings.

You've installed a ground-source heat pump (GSHP) system. It's supposed to be so great. But how can you verify that? How can you prove that your system is better than just a regular conventional option? And how can you know it's optimized and working as well as they predicted?

Whether it's a commercial or a residential application, we've designed VIGILANTTM energy meters to continually monitor the performance of the heat pumps and related equipment in GSHP systems. With such detailed information, it's possible to monitor performance and stack GSHP against conventional heating and cooling systems.

Although our VIGILANTTM meters are similar to our ENSURETM meters, they measure electrical energy alongside the thermal energy to obtain the detailed power and thermal data necessary to properly analyze system efficiency. Where ENSURETM collects the data related to the external ground heat exchanger, VIGILANTTM meters generate a clear picture of the energy usage inside the building.

VIGILANTTM is the ideal heat pump monitoring solution. It's a state-of-the-art IoT energy meter integrated with a cloud-based analysis and communication tool.

VigilantTM measures:

•   Heating and cooling loads
•   Power consumption

and with the data we calculate:

•   Heating and cooling costs
•   Heat pump system efficiency
•   Heat pump and ground heat exchanger capacity
•   Real and apparent power (power factor)
•   CO2 emissions

The two figures below show the type of data obtained from a VIGILANTTM energy meter and the type of information we can calculate. From the heat pump temperatures and the flow rate we can calculate the thermal loads. With the current and voltage we can calculate both the real and apparent power used by the heat pump, and ascertain it's precise running time. With this data it's possible to generate graphs that show comparative costs, energy consumption and even the C02 emissions savings of your geothermal system compared to a conventional system.

Ensure System

Sample Vigilant TM Data

With this data it's possible to generate informative graphs that show things like the comparative costs, the energy consumption and even the C02 emissions savings of your geothermal system compared to a selected conventional system. It's like the real-life equivalent of our ProFeaseTM feasibility tool!

Ensure System

Sample Vigilant TM Dashboard Reporting

Because our electronics allow us to measure the current and voltage signal at each heat pump at a rate of approximately 2000 times per second, we're able to determine the real power from our measurements. So, by dividing this real power by the apparent power measured from the RMS signal, we can also report the power factor of any device connected to our meters.

We offer VIGILANTTM energy meters for both commercial and residential applications. Typically, commercial systems deploy multiple multi-heat-pump variants, where a single meter can service 4 or 5 individual 1- or 3-phase heat pumps. Additionally, commercial systems use a separate on-site server for data collation, storage, and display. Residential VIGILANTTM units typically serve only 1-phase heat pumps but include an additional ammeter for separate fan circuits.

Purchase model

VIGILANTTM is provided as a hardware and software service. For commercial products, clients purchase an initial 3-year contract, followed by annual or monthly subscriptions. We host our software online, where we can provide continuous updates and modifications. We do retain ownership of our hardware, but it's included as part of our service fee and may be updated or replaced as technology changes. Contact our sales team for details.