Predictive Monitor


Know the future.

ENSURETM Predictive Monitor goes a step further than our Basic Monitor package. Not only does it measure and collect the system thermal energy data, but it also uses that data together with our proprietary algorithms to predict the system's future performance.

When engineers initially design ground-source heat pump (GSHP) systems, the best designers create thorough energy models that attempt predict the annual load usage profile of the building. They use that load profile to size the equipment within the building as well as the size of the ground heat exchanger (GHX). But loads calculation software can only estimate the true thermal energy usage, whereas the ENSURETM meter collects the "real deal". Armed with real loads data, and knowing the physical configuration of the GHX, it's possible to predict the future performance of the system.

Ensure System

EnsureTM Predictive Monitor System

If we observe the predicted behavior of the GHX and see something going astray, we can send alerts that notify customers of any problems we see arising in the future. The building owners and operators can take action now, and problems can be easily averted, usually many years in advance of any actual system degradation.

ENSURETM Predictive Monitor provides access to:

•   hourly profiles of fluid temperatures to and from the GHX
•   hourly profiles of flow rates to and from the GHX
•   hourly energy loads (Btu or kWh) to and from the GHX
•   a current updated status assessment of the GHX
•   predictions of the future performance of the GHX
•   alerts if original design settings are exceeded
•   alerts if anything looks out-of-the ordinary in the future
•   annual performance reports

Ensure System

EnsureTM Predictive Monitor System

Behind the scenes, ENSURETM uses pre-existing energy model simulations to initialize the energy profile of the project. Real-time measured flow rates and temperatures continuously update the existing energy model profile. This allows temperature and performance predictions to become increasingly more accurate as measured energy loads account for variations in weather, changes in the building, and operation of the system. ENSURETM provides the building operator with the reassuring option of managing an optimized system.

Purchase model

ENSURETM is provided as a hardware and software service. Clients purchase an initial 3-year contract, followed by annual or monthly subscriptions. We host our software online, where we can provide continuous updates and modifications. We do retain ownership of our hardware, but it's included as part of our service fee and may be updated or replaced as technology changes. ENSURETM runs independently of other equipment, and is therefore applicable to both new and any existing GSHP projects. Contact our sales team for details.