ENSURETM Products Overview


Operating a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system without knowing how much energy is in the ground is like leaving for a road trip and then never checking the fuel gauge of your car. Similar to your car running out of gas, you don't want to be running out of heat mid-winter or have nowhere to dump extra heat halfway through summer...!

In our experience, installations that employ GSHP systems very rarely include an energy meter. An energy meter is a device that directly measures and records the temperatures and flows of the ground heat exchanger (GHX), making sure the system operates in an ideal range. However, even when an energy meter is installed, managers often simply ignore this information and even more rarely analyze it. This ignorance or carelessness leads to mis-managed GSHP systems that can and often do fail, potentially costing the owners huge sums to repair. Failures feed the misconception that GSHP systems ‘just don’t work’ when they're actually one of the most efficient and cost-effective systems available in the world today!

ENSURETM is a state-of-the-art energy meter integrated with a cloud-based analysis tool that:

•    monitors heat exchange fluid temperatures to and from a GHX.
•    monitors flow rates through the GHX.
•    calculates Btu's (kWh) in and out of the GHX.
•    predicts the future performance of the GHX based on the measured energy flow to and from the GHX.

ENSURETM has three different operational modes: Basic Monitoring, Predictive Monitoring, and Predictive Control. The table below describes the various features for each mode:

ENSURETM Product Comparison Table

Basic Monitoring Predictive Monitoring Predictive Control
Hourly temperature profile
Hourly energy load profile
Hourly flow rates
Load change recommendations ---
Predicted GHX temperature ---
Optional GHX pressure sensors ---
Annual performance report ---
Quarterly performance report --- ---