Commercial Monitoring


Sample Vigilant TM Commercial Monitoring System


Monitor your performance.

The purpose of a commercial VIGILANTTM system is to monitor the energy savings and system performance of an entire building, not just a single heat pump. In addition to system optimizations, these numbers should confirm the return on the higher initial investment and clearly show energy and CO2 reductions compared to similarly sized conventional HVAC systems.

For this type of high level analysis, it's necessary to have the operational data from every heat pump used in the installation. With wireless connectivity and the ability to function with essentially all makes and models of ground-source heat pump and discretionary equipment, VIGILANTTM is the ideal data collection and analysis solution.

Commercial VIGILANTTM systems use multiple meters and include:

•   temperature sensors to measure thermal energy
•   current sensors to measure electrical energy
•   voltage sensors to calculate the real and apparent power
•   a local server for data storage and collation
•   the remote server data visualization and reporting

Unlike the residential counterparts, commercial VIGILANTTM meters simultaneously serve multiple single- or 3-phase heat pumps, for installation convenience. Although we have a single-heat-pump model, if some heat pumps are relatively close to each other, a single VIGILANTTM meter used for commercial projects can handle up to five 3-phase heat pumps each. Often, commercial projects also require us to provide additional limited variants of VIGILANTTM meters to measure other equipment in the system that aren't heat pumps, such as circulation pumps, cooling towers, temperatures of back-up boilers, etc. All of our meters connect to the same local server, which also functions as a local data backup storage device.

Purchase model

VIGILANTTM is provided as a hardware and software service. For commercial products, clients purchase an initial 3-year contract, followed by annual or monthly subscriptions. We host our software online, where we can provide continuous updates and modifications. We do retain ownership of our hardware, but it's included as part of our service fee and may be updated or replaced as technology changes. Contact our sales team for details.