EasyFeaseTM is a fully automated geothermal heat exchanger screening tool that calculates the installation costs, operational cost savings, CO2 emissions reductions and return on investment for commercial and institutional-scale geothermal systems. It allows architects, contractors, engineers, building owners, municipalities and utilities to easily develop performance estimates of potential and existing geothermal installations.

EasyFeaseTM utilizes a state-of-the-art building energy model simulation capability in conjunction with the industry-standard heat exchanger design methodology to enable stakeholders and decision-makers to confidently assess the applicability of a ground source heat pump system at any stage in a building project timeline. It generates a short PDF report that conveniently summarizes the results.

EasyFease Report

EasyFeaseTM Report

EasyFeaseTM offers a quick and defensible estimate of the savings and performance that are possible for your building based on information that, prior to Geofease, was typically unavailable in the early stages of the design process.

For a more detailed, customized and comprehensive ground source heat pump project assessment, users can order a PreFeaseTM Report from our curated network of experienced geothermal design professionals.