PreFeaseTM Report

A Professional Pre-Feasibility Report

A PreFeaseTM Report is a more extensive assessment when compared to the EasyFeaseTM screening report. It provides a more defensible document to determine if proceeding with a GSHP mechanical system is both practical and feasible, without spending $10,000 or more for a detailed energy study, mechanical viability comparison, life cycle cost analysis, or other intense, expensive vetting assessment.

In fact, if the objective is just to decide to proceed with a GSHP mechanical option or not, a PreFeaseTM Report will often be sufficient, allowing the costs of a more detailed feasibility analysis to go into the design development budget. This will also save time, as in most cases it can be turned around in under a week as opposed to a 3 to 4+ week requirement for a time-consuming detailed analysis.

The PreFeaseTM Report will be:

Performed, written and delivered by a curated geothermal professional, an expert geothermal designer assessed to have the requisite skills and experience necessary to be part of the GeoFease Quality Assurance Network
Calculated and optimized utilizing a wide range of custom inputs specific for your project and project location – inputs which are beyond the scope of an EasyFeaseTM screening project. These inputs include:
o Specific energy efficiency options for your building
o Specific soil parameters for your project location
o The current market rate for drilling costs in your area
o Tailored equipment operating efficiencies
o The current market rate for construction costs, current national and regional renewable energy incentives and up-to-date utility costs for your location
o Exact carbon dioxide emissions factors and reductions for your specific utility region
Delivered as a full color 5 to 8 page report. Detailed results in the report include:
o System installation costs
o Heating and cooling costs
o Financial analytics including ROI, NPV, and simple payback
o Specific project environmental impact and CO2 emissions reductions
o Energy consumption savings with detailed graphs
o A conceptual ground heat exchanger configuration design specific for your project location including borehole layout, spacing between boreholes, borehole depth, required land area and drilling cost estimate.
This will not be a GHX ‘design’ suitable for construction because all variables are not taken into account. We only estimate details such as the hourly loads, controls sequences of operation, heat pump schedules, piping system configurations, TC test values, site considerations, etc.
o Expected fluid temperature performance for the system
o Detailed list of all important assumptions
An invaluable source of actionable information for when you consider the next step in your project in conjunction with your team and your curated geothermal design expert
Presented to you within five business days

Note that the PreFeaseTM Report is not a full feasibility report, which would require more detailed inputs, such as a customized building energy model specific for the building of interest and the specific soil thermal conductivity for the proposed site (which often requires a thermal response test).

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