Frequently Asked Questions


What is the main difference between VigilantTM and EnsureTM?

VigilantTM measures both thermal and electrical energy, which allows it to determine the electrical consumption of attached devices, whereas EnsureTM is only a thermal energy meter, used for determining net building loads. EnsureTM also ships with a flow meter, while VigilantTM usually assumes constant flow rates based on the building design.

What is the difference between commercial and residential VigilantTM meters?

The residential VigilantTM meters generally measure single-phase power and have a separate circuit for the fan and any backup (electrical) heater. They serve a maximum of 1 or 2 heat pumps. The commercial VigilantTM meters measure up to 5 3-phase heat pump units and there is no separate circuit for the fan or any backup heating system. The commercial units are also often coupled with our VigilantTM local server, so that the data can be stored and collated locally before being sent to out to our remote server.

How does VigilantTM measure real vs apparent power?

VigilantTM meters use specialized circuitry to measure the current and voltage together at about 2000 Hz. This gives us both the real and the RMS values of the voltage and current. With the real data, we're able to calculate the real power, and with the RMS values we calculate the apparent power used by the units. With both the real and apparent power we're able to calculate the power factor.

Can VigilantTM meters be used for energy metering?

Yes, one of the primary use cases for VigilantTM meters is for thermal energy metering and billing. If many residences share the same GHX, the best way to determine the individual unit usage is through the data provided by the VigilantTM meter installed on each house.

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Purchase model

VIGILANTTM is provided as a hardware and software service. For commercial products, clients purchase an initial 3-year contract, followed by annual or monthly subscriptions. We host our software online, where we can provide continuous updates and modifications. We do retain ownership of our hardware, but it's included as part of our service fee and may be updated or replaced as technology changes. Contact our sales team for details.