Frequently Asked Questions


What is a "Pre-feasibility" test?

Before people go through the process of constructing an environmentally conscious commercial-scale building, they'll need to know the expected cost and CO2 savings relative to other, more environmentally unfriendly options. Since a full feasibilty test may require an energy model of the building that alone can cost upwards of $10000 USD, it makes sense to generate a fairly accurate model of the result before wasting money on an unworkable design. A pre-feasibility test is a way of generating the approximate numbers quickly and accurately, to know if GSHP or ASHP is an option at the earliest stages in the design process.

How is a Pre-feaseibility test different from a full feasibility test?

As mentioned above, a full feasibity test has an energy model that's created specifically for the building/structure of interest, not just a pre-calculated, generalized model. In the case of a ground-source heat pump feasibility test, it would also require the estimated design of a ground heat exchanger (boreholes, ponds, etc) matched to the building loads.

What is the energy-model theory behind ProFeaseTM?

Through decades of repeated designs, we've noticed that buildings with different but specific applications generally have similar loads profiles. Rather than recalculate an energy model for every building, it's faster just to use pre-calculated energy models and scale them to the building of interest. Our internal comparisons with actual buildings have confirmed this hypothesis, within a small and acceptable margin of error. If the building owner chooses to proceed, designers use the true building-specific energy model calculations for the actual building design.

What is the ground heat exchanger (GHX) theory used by ProFeaseTM?

ProFeaseTM incorporates a 20-year predictive month-by-month pulse line-source heat transfer theoretical model that takes into account the soil and other general physical configuration properties of the GHX. A full feasibility study would require an even more thorough GHX design.

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